Pulse of Smitha

Have you ever wondered what your classmates think about Smitha? What about how Smitha Middle School affects them in a positive way? Well, here is what they said!  On the positive side of things, most students interviewed said that making friends and socializing was the best part of Smitha.  Some also said that the teachers were a positive as well. On the negative side of things, most stated that they would like to change a couple of things in school, such as the negative behavior of others.  Several stated that it would be nice to change certain things about the food.  Of course, there were a few who said they would like to address a few of the teachers and the way they present lessons.   We also took time to speak to a few of the administrators.  They were very clear that the best part of their experience here at Smitha is the students.  If they could change anything, they would love to be able to add more connection choices.