Are you tired of heroes who save the day or villains who are easily defeated by them? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed both? Well, we do have one type of hero who can fit that budget. Anti-heroes are Heroes who kill their enemy who finish of the main villain. A normal hero would not dare kill a villain, but an antihero would. Ghost rider, a human who made a contract with maphisto (the devil of marvel). The demon that got stuck on our protagonist is a demon who rivaled maphisto in power but got locked up by him when all of hell helped Maphisto and even then, he was still a challenge. Johny blazed our protagonist made a deal with maphisto so his dad won't die to cancer but as we all know the devil deals always have a twist. Johny Blaze dad died in a motorcycle accident, but it was too late and was stuck with Zeroth. Deadpool, an assassin who got turned into a mutate (Human-mutant). Wade Wilson is the real name of Deadpool. Wade was a very likable guy, and very funny. You may think that an assassin would be bad but no, after wade was turned into a mutate the x-men’s (a hero association) had recruited him because he had skill. Wade had the power to regenerate any body part. What specifically is Ghost Rider? This may surprise you, but the ghost rider is a fallen Angel. He is a fallen angel who was lost too madness, which made him out of control and hard to control even for aphisto. Ghost rider eventually did get forgiven and his flames can turn blue when he is calm. Although that changed when Ghost rider killed maphisto and became the king of hell. Each passing day Johny blaze gets more corrupted when he is in hell, until he eats the holy bread which finally awakens Zeroth and is now an angel or vengeance. With this newfound power he can break realities if so, he wants to. What is Deadpool? Deadpool is a mutate. An assassin who is very likable. An antihero who does not care about the rules or people. Only cares for his girlfriend Morena Baccarin. Deadpool is an immortal human, who cannot be killed and can heal abnormally fast. Picks fight with anyone and everyone. (Quick tip if you ever run into Deadpool tell him a joke and he might spare your life if you are on his naughty list). Ghost rider's plot and story is remarkably interesting but why should I specifically watch him? Why?! Why?! Have you even been listening to what I have Been saying! He is an antihero who if you are rebellious or tired of the hero being too nice Anti Heroes are perfect for you. Ghost rider is one of the coolest Antihero out there and one of the strongest. Overall ghost rider represents our imagination. He represents our brutality if either used on someone to hurt or on someone who is evil, and you wish you could do something about it. He represents our anger and wish for vengeance we want on evil on the people who did us wrong, that is why you should see him (also because he is cool). Why is Deadpool what he is today? Wade Wilson, age 37, diagnosed with cancer. Wade was desperate for life; Wade went to a sketchy lab in the hope of a cure. Sadly, he was tricked and became a test subject and unlocked superhuman powers. In what cost you may ask? The cost of his body, wade now looks like a beast, with human shape and mutated skin.  Wow, Ghost rider is remarkably interesting, but when was he made? Ghost rider first arrived in the comics in 1925. Ghost rider himself is like millions of years old older than the universe itself. Ghost rider was introduced as a small antihero which was made from boredom, but when marvel saw it popularity, they made him a major character. Ghost rider has two movies (live action), the first one is good but the second one was, how do I say this, BAD. When Was this Man made? Deadpool was first seen in the comic, new Mutants in 1991. Wade was a killer who was funny and crazy. He used to just be a small antihero, but Deadpool grew in popularity to where he got his own comic and movie. In 10 years Deadpool grew to be one of the best antiheros in history. Ghost rider takes place in many areas like, HELL. Ghost rider is the king of hell so obviously he is in hell ruling down there. He has also been to California and all around the world, weird. Also, in some places he is in space with thanos. He has also traveled to heaven. Where does Deadpool take place? He has been seen many areas, all the states, New York, Washington DC, Vagas, Texas, and many more. Wade usually seen at the x-men building. And with them.